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Dovedale Capital Ventures, Inc.  is aggressively seeking to acquire garden style multifamily assets throughout the Southwestern United States, but will look at all properties that have good upside potential meeting the following investment criteria.

Value add, core plus and opportunistic turnaround projects

LOCATION: Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Denver, Phoenix, Tucson and other secondary, larger tertiary cities, within the Southwestern United States.
TRANSACTION STRUCTURE: All cash structures with no contingencies, seller financing, loan assumptions, and acquisitions subject to new financing timelines.  Each project is has its own unique characteristic.

Multifamily Preferred; other value add opportunities considered on a case by case basis

Units: 50 – 250 units
Class: A- to C+ property types
Property Age: Late 1970s – 2000s
Typical Equity Contribution: $1,000,000 - $2,500,000
Going In Cap Rate: Above 7.00%

Quick decision making by local principals experienced professionals able to overcome complex issues.  Dovedale has a large network of investors with a proven ability to raise large amounts of capital.


Brokers will be protected in the event a property is not exclusively listed.

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENT: Current Rent Roll (last 3 months)
Latest 12 months property operating history
Latest Real Estate Tax Bill
Pictures/Aerials (if available)
Map of Property
Financing Term Sheet (if assumption or loan to be paid off)
Property Description
Schedule of Recent Capital Improvements (3 years)
Detailed Market Data – Rental and Sale Comps
Thank you for taking the time to review our investment criteria and we look forward to working with you on future transactions. For further information feel free to contact:

John Price, President    jprice@dovedalecapital.com
Scott Butcher, Chief Investment Officer    sbutcher@dovedalecapital.com
at 512-346-4300

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