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REAL ESTATE IS A CYCLICAL BUSINESS and in general, closely correlates with the overall economy. For this reason, it is not surprising that the real estate market has been more challenging during the last two years.  However, out of these severe difficulties has arisen an expanding array of unique opportunities to acquire existing assets at distressed prices.

BALANCED RISK is now, more than ever, a critically important component to the structure of any new real estate acquisition. It is expected that many of our acquisitions over the next year or so will be on either an all cash basis or requiring low levels of financial leverage. It is this low risk model that has ensured Dovedale’s success in these difficult financial times.

ACQUISITION OR DEVELOPMENT is at this time an almost redundant question.  Due to the fact that existing properties can now be acquired at values far below their current replacement cost, and the fact that high risk development and construction loans are very scarce, if non-existent, the only game in town is to take advantage of the distressed market and acquire low risk, high yielding assets at prices well below their replacement cost.

DOVEDALE CAPITAL VENTURES is seeking equity partners to join us in taking advantage of these unique opportunities by carefully analyzing numerous geographic markets, and identifying those product types that can be expected to produce low risk and high yields over the next three to five years.

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