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Dovedale Capital Ventures has over 55 years combined experience working with private investors, joint venture partners and Institutional investment firms. Our professional staff ensures investor’s needs are at the forefront of every decision made. Our experience includes expertise in the following areas:  
Joint Venture Partners
Years of experience have proved that joint ventures are more than matching a developer with an equity or debt source.  Joint ventures are partnerships in which the compatibility of each party’s business philosophy is essential to the relationship.  At Dovedale Capital Ventures, innovation, skill, and business judgment have lead to the successful development/ acquisition of over $200 million in successful joint ventures. These efforts have ranged from single family home developments to acquisitions of 100 million+ financial centers.  We also welcome joint venture partners or investors looking to place capital in risk adverse offerings.
Institutional Investment Partners
Dovedale Capital Ventures invites qualified institutional partners to participate in specific acquisition or development opportunities.  Typically, each institutional investor seeks to form a joint venture with a experienced local real estate operator to acquire and manage properties that are focused on a value-added or opportunistic investment strategy for almost all property types.  Dovedale has provided such expertise recently to such funds including but not limited to those operated by Strategic Capital Partners, LLC [ ] who have invested in Dovedale’s current projects.
1031 Exchanges
The sale of investment real estate assets can create a large tax liability. However, the Internal Revenue Code §1031 provides that capital gains taxes and other taxes can be deferred when investment assets are properly relinquished and replaced with like-kind replacement assets.
  • Dovedale Capital Ventures professionals work with the Client to identify assets that can meet the Client’s investment needs. Most often, the Client can choose from among Dovedale pre-packaged real estate products, vastly simplifying real estate investing.
  • Dovedale Capital Ventures assists the Client in structuring a §1031 tax-deferred exchange that will maximize after-tax proceeds while deferring capital gains and minimizing transfer and other taxes.
  • Dovedale Capital Ventures experience in structuring and closing over $500 million worth of real estate transactions provides the Client with a smooth, efficient §1031 exchange process.
Self Directed Retirement Accounts (IRA, Solo K and 401K)
IRA holders can use their retirement funds to purchase real estate before the age of retirement without incurring distribution taxes or penalties. And they can realize their real-estate investment profits tax-deferred in their retirement account. Dovedale Capital Ventures professional staff has a long history of working with investors using self directed IRAs.
Individual Investors
Dovedale Capital Ventures works with individual Accredited Investors, helping them obtain returns usually only reserved for intuitional investment firms. We pride ourselves on our personalized service and follow through. We ensure every investor receives detailed financial reports on their property and are always available for on going communication.                                                                                

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